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how to unlock the iPhone 4S (ATT ver­sion) with­out any soft­ware

Posted on 11-17-2011 03:49 pm













A devel­op­er (via Chron­ic) has appar­ent­ly dis­cov­ered how to unlock the iPhone 4S (report­ed­ly AT&T ver­sion only) with­out any soft­ware or hard­ware tweak­ing. The unlock will assist you in using your iPhone 4S on T-Mobile’s net­work as long as you have a T-Mobile SIM card. Before you get start­ed, go ahead and cut down your T-Mobile SIM card to match yourAT&T SIM card’s size. We’re work­ing to con­firm this works, but go ahead and give the fol­low­ing direc­tions a try:

    1. Insert orig­i­nal car­ri­er AT&T SIM card
    2. Dial 611 for AT&T cus­tomer ser­vice hot­line and drop the call
    3. Turn on Air­plane Mode
    4. Take out AT&T SIM card
    5. Insert T-Mobile SIM card

Con­tin­ue after the break..



6. Make sure WiFi is off ( also tap on ‘For­get this Net­work” to make sure it doesn’t con­nect auto­mat­i­cal­ly later)

7. Switch off Air­plane Mode and iPhone will search for net­work. This is fol­lowed by the Apple splash screen appear­ing.

8. Acti­va­tion Required will be dis­played on the screen

9. EDGE net­work will acti­vate auto­mat­i­cal­ly – notice the ‘E’ on the top left cor­ner of the screen

10. Wait for about 20-30 sec­onds and turn off the phone

11. Turn on iPhone and the same Acti­va­tion Required screen will be dis­played

12. When you see one sig­nal bar, tap on Use Cel­lu­lar Con­nec­tion

13. Eject SIM card

14. Acti­va­tion Required screen will be dis­played the sec­ond time

15. Insert SIM card

16. Unlocked!

If cut­ting down your SIM isn’t your thing you can obtain a microSIMthrough T-Mobile’s web­site.

Last updated: 11-17-2011 03:50 pm