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iPhone 5S event round up!

Posted on 09-10-2013 03:06 pm


Though initial takes on the iPhone 5S/5C are generally positive, Apple's (AAPL -2.3%) event didn't feature many big announcements that hadn't been reported by the rumor mill (the A7's use of a 64-bit architecture is one notable exception).
Meanwhile, TechInAsia observes Apple's Chinese site will be selling the 16GB iPhone 5C for an unsubsidized RMB4488 ($735), or just $131 less than the 16GB 5S. In the U.S., the 5C starts at $549 unsubsidized. It doesn't look as if Apple is willing to greatly sacrifice its margins to take share from cheaper Android hardware.
Though being discontinued elsewhere, the iPhone 4 is still available in China for RMB2,588 ($420) for the time being.
Also: though the 5S/5C are said to support more LTE bands than rival devices, the 2.5 GHz. band used by China Mobile (CHL) for its TD-LTE 4G network isn't among them. It's possible future 5S/5C models will feature the band, particularly in light of the WSJ's Friday report.
For now, Apple isn't giving 3rd-party developers access to its fingerprint sensor API. Odds are that will change down the line.
AnandTech offers a favorable take on the sensor after trying it out "Tapping and holding your finger on the button quickly unlocks the device."
Engadget on the 5C: "This is the spiritual successor to the iPhone 5 ... Given the price, it may not turn out to be the device for emerging markets, but it at least gives interested iPhone buyers more choice."
The Verge on the 5S: "This is definitely a refining year for Apple, but all of the refinements on the iPhone 5S are solid. That fingerprint reader might end up being a bigger deal than you'd think.."
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