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The Video Cookbook App

Posted on 09-25-2011 05:50 pm

The Video Cookbook appiPad Apps - Video Cookbook for iPad boasts over 120 video recipes created by professional chefs. Accompanying these videos are high quality photographs and step-by-step instructions for each recipe. The app also offers a shopping list feature as well as a very useful glossary of specialized cooking terms. The videos are all in HD and amazingly well done. The pace is just right with enough detail captured for every step for even novices to understand easily. It also lets you switch between imperial and metric measurements throughout the app. The recipes scale based on the number of servings you specify, so that you don’t have to do much math on the fly or in your head. The glossary has audio pronunciation guides for some of the more challenging words.

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The interface is easy-to-use and quite unique. Tabs on the right help you jump to different recipe categories (desserts, main course, etc.), and you can mark your favorite recipes for later access. The text size is a little too small – especially if you plan to prop up your iPad in the kitchen and cook along to the guides. Similarly the photographs can take up too much room without adding much to actually helping you prepare the meal. Once you discover recipes that you like, it may be useful to transfer them to a better recipe management app such as Paprika instead of trying to work within this app. Overall, the quality of the videos and the wealth of choices in recipes makes this a must-have iPad app for those who enjoy cooking.

Last updated: 09-25-2011 05:50 pm