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A closer look at Siri

Posted on 10-15-2011 04:39 pm





The biggest selling point of the iPhone 4S is, without a doubt, Siri. Sure, a faster processor is great, but talking to your phone and having it do most of the things you tell it makes this the future. What started out as an interesting application has turned into your best bet for a digital assistant. It understands you. You talk; it does. It can do all sorts of things. Let me explain.


Siri is your virtual assistant. It can do things like place phone calls, create reminders (that are possibly location sensitive), schedule events on your calendar, send emails or text messages and answer some general questions. If all of this sounds too good to be true, then maybe you need to remind yourself that the iPhone in your pocket is becoming a very powerful computing device.

In order to use Siri, all you have to do is hold down the Home button for a couple of seconds. You don’t even need to unlock your phone (as long as you don’t have a password lock). Resist the urge to press the microphone button, as Siri will start listening after a very brief pause. Then just say what you want. In case you can’t figure out some of the types of things you can say, hit the “i” button for an example list.

In practice, I’ve had a very high success rate with Siri. It really does a great job of understanding what you want and doing it under normal conditions. There can be some problems though. For instance, Siri does not like the microphone in my Prius. It also has difficulty placing calls when connected to my Prius.

Another thing you have to worry about for now is that in order for Siri to work, it needs to send a recording of your voice to the internet for processing (this is the same for the voice recognition feature on the keyboard). This works wonderfully, as long as the server isn’t being hammered (like it was on launch day). I actually am kind of bummed Apple didn’t choose to build voice recognition in to the iPhone 4S. You’d think the new A5 processor could handle that. Maybe iPhone 5…

Remember, Siri is still in beta; so not everything is going to work flawlessly. I do, however, think most people will be impressed with what Siri can do at the current time and how well it does it. Just think what Siri will be able to do in the future! Hopefully, it will be able to Tweet soon. What do you wish Siri could do now?

I almost forgot to mention Siri’s semi-hidden feature; entertainment.

Siri's favorite color


Yes, it’s quite fun to see what programmed responses you can get from Siri. If you tell it something vulgar, chances are it will say that it’d like to blush if it only could. My favorite so far that I haven’t seen elsewhere on the internet is the following: “What’s your favorite color?” I think I have to agree with Siri. Sounds like my favorite color too.

What interesting responses have you received from Siri?

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