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Social media recruit­ing has gar­nered a lot of dis­cus­sion in the HR world

Posted on 11-13-2011 04:08 pm


Mobile Recruiting

Over the past few years, social media recruit­ing has gar­nered a lot of dis­cus­sion in the HR world — mobile recruit­ing, on the other hand, is a topic that has yet to make it into the main­stream con­ver­sa­tion.

Employ­ers lack knowl­edge of how job seek­ers are using mobile devices and how their busi­ness­es could take advan­tage of the mobile web to find top tal­ent. As a result, only a lim­it­ed num­ber of employ­ers have imple­ment­ed mobile recruit­ing strate­gies via apps and mobile web­sites, accord­ing to a study by online recruit­ing research lab Poten­tial­park.

For the study, Poten­tial­park sur­veyed more than 30,000 job seek­ers world­wide and ana­lyzed the mobile career pres­ence of more than 350 top employ­ers in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Since the data has not yet been pub­lished online, Mash­able spoke with Poten­tial­park about its find­ings.

The study found that a healthy 19% of job seek­ers use their mobile devices for career-related pur­pos­es (and more than 50% of could imag­ine doing so), yet only 7% of employ­ers have a mobile ver­sion of their career web­site and only 3% have a mobile job app.

One out of five job seek­ers may not sound like a huge deal, but it’s no num­ber to scoff at. Since smart­phone adop­tion rates are ever-increasing, this num­ber will like­ly increase as more mobile users get the power of the Inter­net into their palms.

So, what exact­ly are job seek­ers look­ing to achieve on their mobile devices? Poten­tial recruits want to use their mobile phones to look for jobs and receive job alerts — but they have many other activ­i­ties in mind, as illus­trat­ed in the graph below.



While employ­ers aren’t quite up on their mobile game this year, Poten­tial­park believes more com­pa­nies will get into the mobile recruit­ing game in the com­ing year. In a sep­a­rate Poten­tial­park sur­vey of 150 employ­ers, 75% of respon­dents stat­ed they were plan­ning to have either a job app or mobile career web­site by Sep­tem­ber 2012.

Mobile recruit­ing is still in its infan­cy, and we’re inter­est­ed in your opin­ions about the space. Are you a job seek­er con­stant­ly con­duct­ing your job search on the go? Or has your busi­ness imple­ment­ed a mobile career web­site or app? If so, share your mobile recruit­ment sto­ries in the com­ments below.

Last updated: 11-13-2011 04:08 pm